After the return is processed, it may take up to Twenty-One (21) business days for the refund to get credited to your credit card or account if you paid in cash. Your refund is subject to the condition of the returned product.

Refunds can only be processed after the item(s) returned have been received undamaged, at a full face value (excluding, where applicable, the original delivery charges, the value of the customs paid imposed by the country, and cash handling fees).

     Cases of refund:
1.        Un-satisfactory items: if the item failed to meet your expectation, and you would like to refund your money back we will credit to your account the amount at full face value.
2.        Any Manufacturing defect: items shall be replaced or repaired, and if was failed to be done, than full face value amount to be received.
3.        Items received broken by customer: item shall be replaced with a new one that is 100% damage free, if items are not available than a refund at full face value to be received. 
Purchased items that did not start on arrival to customer can yet be refund at a full value.

Your refund will be processed via the following methods:

-       Cash on Delivery payments are refunded as store credit or bank account.

-       If you chose to pay with multiple payment methods, the store credit amount used will be prioritized and refunded in full, before the remainder of the payment gets refunded via the other payment method used. The refund will be processed in the following order:

(i)                   The full store credit amount used will be credited back to your account

(ii)                 The remaining amount will be refunded via your other payment method: Credit Card payments will be refunded to the Credit Card used to purchase your order, PayPal payments will be refunded to your PayPal account, and   Cash on Delivery payments will be refunded as store credit.