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Brand: Aquaglide Model: 11701
Aquaglide Lounges - Aquaglide Airport ClassicThe Airport Classic balances performance, style and value in a remarkably versatile swim platform so that you and your guests can play on the water with style.Ideal as a lounge, swim raft or launch pad for any watersport, the Airport can also be towed wit..
Aquaglide Lounges - AquaTrainer Mat Aquaglide Lounges - AquaTrainer Mat
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 18323
Aquaglide Lounges - AquaTrainer MatThe Aqua Trainer mat provides a fun and dynamic way to exercise on the water. Its unique design allows for physical aquatic therapy, boot camp type workouts, aquatic YOGA and Pilates. The ability to be used in both pools and open water makes it a best-in-class floa..
Aquaglide Lounges - Fiesta Aquaglide Lounges - Fiesta
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 11702
Aquaglide Lounges - FiestaA versatile soaker lounge for all.For the purist, it's a serene, relaxing getaway, and for parents, the Fiesta offers a contained perimeter for younger kids to safely splash and play. Older kids are likely to turn the Fiesta into a more active play station. It can be used a..
Aquaglide Lounges - Inversible Aquaglide Lounges - Inversible
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 12454
Aquaglide Lounges - InversibleA giant lounge and play station that can be used as a soaker or a platform.In soaker mode, the interior mesh floor provides an open splash zone for active play or for cool, quiet lounging. When inverted, the mesh floor provides an airy platform for rest or active play. ..
Aquaglide Lounges - Malibu lounger
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Brand: Aquaglide Model: 14408
Aquaglide Lounges - Malibu loungerThe Malibu Lounge was born to party! With generous seating, comfy backrest, cool soaker-mesh floor and copious cup holders, this lounge means business. Generously sized for up to 10 users, the Malibu Lounge sports an integrated boarding platform with molded handles ..
Aquaglide Lounges - Malibu Park Aquaglide Lounges - Malibu Park
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 14410
Aquaglide Lounges - Malibu ParkProduct InformationAs any kid will tell you, the Malibu™ Aquapark has 'fun' written all over it! Starting with a 12' diameter bouncer and exhilarating water slide, this Aquapark features a 10' walkway for easy boarding, lounging and extra play area. With so many activi..
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 10520
Aquaglide Lounges - Aquaglide SUNDECK SOFTPACKMakes the perfect island for swimming, playing or lounging.In a resort setting, floating platforms can easily double beach revenues when added to an existing chair/umbrella program. By incorporating platforms into an Aquapark design to increase parental ..
Aquaglide Platinum - Arena 15x30 Aquaglide Platinum - Arena 15x30
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 18315
Aquaglide Platinum - Arena 15x30Warranty: Limited 3 yearSpecs: L 30′ x W 15′ x H 8.3′(L 9,2m x W 4,6m x H 2,5m)Capacity: 8Working Pressure: Platform [1] 1.4 psi (0,097 bar), [2] 2.4 psi (0,165 bar)Box dims:Frame: L 43″ x W 31.5″ x H 22″ 176 lbs.(L 110cm x W 80cm x H 55cm, 80 kg)Platform: 43″ x 31.5″..
Aquaglide Platinum - Arena 20x41 Aquaglide Platinum - Arena 20x41
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 18358
Aquaglide Platinum - Arena 20x41Warranty: Limited 3 yearSpecs: L 40′ x W 20′ x H 8.3′(L 12,2m x W 6,1m x H 2,5m)Capacity: 10Working Pressure: Platform [1] 1.5 psi (0,103 bar), [2] 2.2 psi (0,151 bar)Box dims:Frame: L 45″ x W 29.5″ H 29.5″, 291 lbs.(L 115cm x W 75cm x H 75cm, 132 kg)Platform: L 47″ x..
Aquaglide Platinum - Catapult
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 17023
Aquaglide Platinum - CatapultFinally, a swing that launches you into a new dimension of water play for hours of high flying fun.New for 2017, the Catapult provides an exciting new way for users to swing or launch themselves over the water. Features an integrated swim platform and lounging area on th..
Aquaglide Platinum - Cyclone Aquaglide Platinum - Cyclone
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 16369
Aquaglide CycloneThe ultimate energy burner. Our unique mesh design allows the wheel to act as a super soaker by helping to cool you off as the wheel rotates. The Cyclone’s inner tubes help with rotation, while the free floating feature allows for ultimate spinning and the inner straps help to keep ..
Aquaglide Platinum - Delta Aquaglide Platinum - Delta
Brand: Aquaglide Model: 13272
The Aquaglide Delta features a horizontal ladder-style challenge, with two mesh floor splash zones for creative free play. A natural gathering place to cool down in hot weather as well as resting. Connect the Delta to other Aquaglide products and build your own water park in waterfronts and pools.It..
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