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Aqua Marina - Air Platform Island Aqua Marina - Air Platform Island
Brand: Aqua Marina Model: BT-I250
Inflatable air platformMakes a perfect island for swimming, playing, working or just relaxing. Ideal as a lounge, swim raft or launch pad for any water sports. Designed with heavy duty stainless fittings and convenient interlock straps for modular use. Product Feature 6” (15cm) double-wall..
Aquaglide Platinum - Universal Connection Aquaglide Platinum - Universal Connection
Brand: Aquaglide Model: UNIVERSAL CONNECTION
UNIVERSALA game changing connection that offers an octagon of fun possibilities.This octagon shaped platform allows our Runway and Swimstep connections to connect to all 8 sides at once offering multiple angles and unlimited possibilities for Aquapark design. The Universal can be used as a hub, a co..
Brand: Aquaglide Model: SUNDECK
Makes the perfect island for swimming, playing or lounging.In a resort setting, floating platforms can easily double beach revenues when added to an existing chair/umbrella program. By incorporating platforms into an Aquapark design to increase parental participation, parents are given a place to re..
Brand: Aquaglide Model: SWIMSTEP XL
SWIMSTEP XLThe Swimstep was developed as an improvement over traditional boarding ladders which are notoriously awkward to use.This ergonomic platform provides easy access from the water due to its low-profile design. Our Swimstep XL is built exclusively with advanced Hardbottom (HB) material for ex..
Aquaglide Yacht Series - Docking Station 4,5x3xm Aquaglide Yacht Series - Docking Station 4,5x3xm
Brand: Aquaglide Model: Docking Station 4,5x3xm
Aquaglide Yacht 4,5x3m Jetski dock-New- Aquaglide inflatable Yacht Jetski DockCreated as a parking platform for jetski-Plenty of space for 2 huge Jetskis and other watersport equipment-Provided with a lot of Anchor & D-rings to fix different other supplementary products like a dinghy or a seabob..
Aquaglide Yacht Series - Landing Pad 4m x 4m Aquaglide Yacht Series - Landing Pad 4m x 4m
Brand: Aquaglide Model: LANDING PAD 4m x 4m
Aquaglide Yacht Series - Landing Pad 4m x 4mThe ultimate multi-purpose pad makes for a great lounger or base camp from which to launch all your water-borne adventures.Made from our extremely durable Hard-Bottom material, this Landing Pad is built to last. It can also attach to our Docking Station an..
Aquaglide Lounges - Malibu Island Aquaglide Lounges - Malibu Island
Brand: Aquaglide Model: MALIBU ISLAND
GIANT SUN ISLAND: Packed with features, this 10 person pool lounger has all you need for sun and fun on the water. With comfortable seating,Item # 585216664 Capacity: 10 people Warranty: 1-Year Limited Dimensions: 148 x 138 x 14 inches Weight: 65 pounds M..
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