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Admiral Classic AM320CL

Classic is classic

This model was inspired by a desire to design a spacious, yet mobile and maneuverable, compact boat. It is classic: stable, well-thought, responsive and maneuverable. This model is especially popular among hunters and fishermen. Wide enough it allows you to effectively use boat space and go long distance with comfort.

The classic model is available in two sizes: 320 and 305. Lux modification offers a tent and a set of soft seats complete with a bag supplied with a standard delivery set. This model is designed to be used with an outboard motor of up to 10 hp, to accommodate 4 persons and carrying capacity of 450 kg.

Durable, safe and reliable AM-320C will be your partner during many rounds of family trips, long distance trips, and fishing and hunting fun with friends, through many years of trouble-free use.


Length: 3200 mm
Width: 1450 mm
Tube diameter: 400 mm
Capacity: 450 kg/ 4 persons
Maximum motor power: 10 hp
Boat weight: 42 kg
Packed dimensions (boat): 900х650х300 mm
Packed dimensions (floor set): 750х650х80 mm
Air chamber: 3+1
Transom: Inbuilt

Delivery Set:

Boat: 1 pc.
Wooden floor set: A set
Bench seat: 2 pcs.
Foot pump: 1 pc.
Oar (aluminum): 2 pcs.
Repair kit (material patch + glue): 1 pc.
Product passport (in English): 1 pc.
Air valve adapter: 1 pc.
Floor girder: 2 pcs.
Carry bag for a boat: 1 pc.
Carry bag for a wooden floor set: 1 pc.
Pocket for floor girders: 1 pc.

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