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Aqua Marina iSUP - VIBRANT Youth Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Brand Aqua Marina
  • Model: BT-18VI
  • Weight: 6.80kg
  • The vibrant Aqua Marina inflatable SUP is the perfect introduction to SUP of them around early catching waves, designed with children in mind.
  • Size: 8'17,8 x 66 cm (266 x 76 cm) Thickness: 10,2 cm (10 cm)
  • 10.2 cm wall double drop core material PVC technology; Double-stitched seam in the inner wall
  • Incl. Central fin, high pressure hand pump for quick inflation and quality rugged bag (please contain no paddles)
  • Net Weight: 6,8 kg (15lbs) with max. Load Bearing Capacity: 70 kg (154lbs)
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