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Brand: Sea Bike Model: Seabike Snorkeling Board
The board provides support to the swimmer, has a special observation window for snorkeling and is equipped with a mechanism that allows attaching the SEABIKE to the board.The set includes:• a reduced-weight inflatable board;• a pump;• a water bicycle –  SEABIKE 65L  model;• a bag..
Brand: Sea Bike Model: Seabike Spearfishing Board
The set is intended for easy traveling in water bodies, including long distance (over 3-5 km) traveling.It is used for transportation of underwater equipment (underwater hunting gear, water, food, documents, and personal belongings) and the catch.Safety:* Orange color to ensure visibilityThe set inc..
Brand: Sea Bike Model: SEABIKE 65L
SEABIKE 65L is a portable water bicycle designed for rapid movement over the water surface and in diving. Made of carbon and titanium.The compact look and small weight simplify transportation and storage.It enables one to cover a distance of several kilometers with a moderate energy consumption and ..
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