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Brand: Sublue Model: Sublue White Shark Mix
WHITESHARK MIX is a compact underwater scooter launched by SUBLUE.An ingenious underwater scooter equipped with double propellers. The small and integrated design makes it easy to carry and operate. Swim and dive like a champion even if you are new to the water.The patented design and engineering of..
Brand: Sublue Model: Whiteshark Mix Charger Regular
Replacement Charger for your Whiteshark Mix Under Water Scooter..
Brand: Sublue Model: Whiteshark Mix Floater Attachment
The Floater attachment add buoyancy to the Whiteshark Mix. Great for snorkeling, or with young or inexperienced swimmers.All Whiteshark Mix Scooters come equipped with the Floater attachment, however if your is lost or damaged you can purchase another here...
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