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Admiral Classic AM320CL Admiral Classic AM320CL
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Brand: Admiral Boats Model: Admiral Classic AM320CL
Classic is classicThis model was inspired by a desire to design a spacious, yet mobile and maneuverable, compact boat. It is classic: stable, well-thought, responsive and maneuverable. This model is especially popular among hunters and fishermen. Wide enough it allows you to effectively use boat spa..
Admiral Sport Series AM360S Admiral Sport Series AM360S
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Brand: Admiral Boats Model: Admiral Sport Series AM360S
Perfect ratioWhen it comes to a high-speed ride, go for Admiral Sports series, a perfect affordable alternative to costly options like fiberglass. The sports series offers the optimal ratio of size and weight, providing perfect hydrodynamic characteristics. The sports series is the result of hard wo..
Admiral Yacht Tenders AM230 Admiral Yacht Tenders AM230
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Brand: Admiral Boats Model: Admiral Yacht Tenders AM230
Fun for oneAdmiral AM-230 yacht tender (or dingy) is another boat of our small vehicles range. Thanks to its compact size, neat appearance and versatile usability it is a popular choice among Admiral models.Petit and portable the AM-230 is perfect for fishing, small water journey and can be used as ..
Admiral Yacht Tenders AM270 Admiral Yacht Tenders AM270
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Brand: Admiral Boats Model: Admiral Yacht Tenders AM270
Multy-useIf you absolutely adore water activities: fishing, diving, snorkeling, waterskiing or just having fun on water with kids, family and friends you will surely find the proper use for our foldable inflatable tenders. They are so compact and quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, that it w..
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