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  • Brand Albamarina
  • Weight: 32.00kg

OCEAN is the only super-resistant, transparent kayak, an absolute novelty in the Italian seas, exclusively distributed by Albamarine.

The peculiarity of OCEAN is the transparency, which allows a real amazing experience, we call it “snorkout”, the exciting snorkeling out of the water, in absolute safety!

This feature is guaranteed over the years by the technologically advanced construction’s material; it’s a special Bayer polycarbonate, the Makrolon® (100% made in Germany) which is exceptionally resistant to mechanical stress, lightweight and weather resistant.

OCEAN got the “CE” mark.

As is evident, even simply by looking at the pictures, kayak’s attractiveness is extraordinary, as well as the emotion to observe the seafloor as if one is dipped, and it is impossible to do it with any other kayak!

OC2 / STAB (dim 335 * 95 * 31 – weight 32 kg) the equipment includes: two removable seats, two paddles, two flotation bags and balance system with stabilizers. This model, thanks to stabilizers, is ideal for beginners, families with kids and for rental activities also, because it’s impossible to overturn it.

Both models can be equipped by a led light system, specially designed for the marine environment, powered by a super-compact lithium battery, to give the same emotions even at night!

The hull is customizable according to the chooses of the customers (company’s logo, for example), made using a special marine sticker.

OCEAN is robust, comfortable and lightweight. the ideal touristic kayak, easy to transport and store during the winter season, because the hulls are stackable

    Technical characteristics Ocean OC2 (STABILIZERS)

    • Length 335 cm
    •  Width 95 cm
    •  Height 31 cm
    •  Weight 32 kg
    • Two flotation bags
    • Aluminium frame
    • Two removable seats
    • Two paddles
    • Two stabilizers
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